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Table 1 Number of participants answering KuBiCo questionnaires from June 2012 to April 2016

From: Kuopio birth cohort – design of a Finnish joint research effort for identification of environmental and lifestyle risk factors for the wellbeing of the mother and the newborn child

General data Total number of participants (per cent of total number of parturients at Kuopio University Hospital) 3532 (37.3%)
Number of children included in the follow-up study 3187
Women participating in KuBiCo for the second time 230
Number of women answering questionnaires of Ethics 2635
Environmental stress factors – first trimester/last trimester 2464/2134
Nutrition up to gestation week 13/from gestation week 28 to delivery 1625/3240
Mental health 2658
When the child was 12 months old 1955
When the child was 24 months old 1477
Nutrition when the child was 24 months old 1402
When the child was 36 months old 480
Number of women collecting samples Women who completed the collection of house dust 630