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Table 3 Multivariable analysis of factors associated with ANC registration

From: “Well, not me, but other women do not register because...”- Barriers to seeking antenatal care in the context of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV among Zimbabwean women: a mixed-methods study

Factor Adjusted odds ratio (95% CI) p value
Household income 1.02 (1.0–1.04)a 0.07
Marital Status
 Married 1  
 Divorced 0.20 (0.07–0.58) 0.003
Other (includes single and widowed women) 2.40 (0.48–11.98) 0.29
Ordinary level Education*planned pregnancy
 Did not reach ordinary level 1  
 Reached ordinary level, did not plan pregnancy 0.75 (0.32–1.77) 0.51
 Reached ordinary level, planned pregnancy 4.24 (1.70–10.55) 0.002
Whether pregnancy was planned*ordinary level education
 Did not plan pregnancy 1  
 Planned pregnancy, did not reach ordinary level 0.58 (0.21–1.58) 0.28
 Planned pregnancy, reached ordinary level education 3.27 (1.55–6.70) 0.002
  1. aOdds ratio for a $10 increase in household income