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Table 4 Pregnant women’s Perceptions of B4M

From: Pregnant women’s experiences with an integrated diagnostic and decision support device for antenatal care in Ghana

Factor Supporting Quote
Service Provision “(I like) every part of the machine. I like it because the machine will tell you the right BP…. and then it will tell you the types of disease or the problems you are finding in your system.” -Pregnant woman 2, Facility B
Improved Knowledge “(I think the midwife has more knowledge). Because it is through those things that she used to get the information about my condition. If not, (the results I got from) outside, she could have recorded it and give me the card to go away, but because of the machine she has took her time to also take me through this procedure to know whether it is really true that I have this disease and …she is sure that what they brought outside is comparing to her machine.” - Pregnant woman 2, Facility B
Efficiency “It has helped to make her efficient. It is because the things we could have gone to the lab to do that requires so much time, this one is faster and easier.” -Pregnant woman 3, Facility A
Time delays “I: So in your opinion which particular place do you spend a lot of time?
R: At the machine
I: So where do you think when worked on, will help reduce the time spent? At the records, the machine, the palpation area, the dispensary?
R: No, just at the machine
I: ….so the machine is what causes the delay
R: Yes” -Pregnant woman, Facility D