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Table 3 Initial reactions of ANC attendees to B4M device

From: Pregnant women’s experiences with an integrated diagnostic and decision support device for antenatal care in Ghana

Reaction Supporting Quote
Fear “It was because I had never seen it and that was my very first time of seeing it, so I was afraid” -Pregnant woman 1, Facility D
Happiness “I was excited because I was hopeful that if I have any sickness in my system, the machine will let me know.” -Pregnant woman 3, Facility A
“I would say for us here, when you hear that you have a device that is going to help you do something, they get excited…. some (women) get excited, but others…. it is the explanation that you have given them of what (the box) can do so that they can accept it.” -HCW 3, Facility A
Neutral “I wasn’t happy and wasn’t afraid as well, I just knew it was part of the care they were providing” -Pregnant woman 6, Facility B
“I thought using the box is only when it becomes necessary. So whether or not she uses it, it is the same… They are the professionals and know the best for me. As for me, I cannot tell.” -Pregnant woman 1, Facility A
Curiosity “That, because after she said she was going to use it for this particular thing, when she was doing it, I was eager and ready to see whether I belong to any of the diseases she has mentioned or I’m free, so I was just waiting to see what the machine will tell me” -Pregnant woman 2, Facility B