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Table 5 Association between the development of gestational hypertension after exposure of antidepressant in the series of additional sensitivity analyses

From: Antidepressant use during pregnancy and the risk of developing gestational hypertension: a retrospective cohort study

Outcome Adjusted OR (95% CI)a P-value
Primary analysis
Antidepressant use
 No exposure   
 Exposure 2.00 (1.28–3.13) .002
Additional sensitivity analyses
 Adjusted to calendar year* 1.70 (1.08–2.66) .021
 Alternative comparison regarding exposure** 1.45 (0.63–3.33) .380
 Exposure to at least two dispensing recordsΨ 2.19 (1.40–3.43) .001
 Exposure to at least two dispensing recordsΨ and adjusted to calendar year* 1.84 (1.17–2.89) .008
  1. OR, odds ratio
  2. aAdjusted for maternal age and medications use during pregnancy i.e. prescriptions of benzodiazepines and antibiotics
  3. *Categorized into 1995–1999, 2000–2004, 2005–2009, and 2010–2015
  4. **Women exposed to antidepressants between the theoretical conception date and 20 completed weeks of gestation were compared to women who were exposed to these drugs in the six-months period before theoretical conception date, but not during pregnancy
  5. ΨThe analysis was restricted to women having at least two dispensing records of an antidepressants from theoretical conception date until 20 completed weeks of gestation