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Table 1 Interview schedule used to facilitate the interviews

From: Enablers and barriers to physical activity in overweight and obese pregnant women: an analysis informed by the theoretical domains framework and COM-B model

  Questions Prompts/Probes
Intro Tell me a little about your home life? • First pregnancy?
• Married, single?
• Other Children – how many?
• Employed – how many hours you work?
Tell me a bit about your lifestyle at the moment? • Diet – cravings, nausea
PA – active before pregnancy, frequency, duration
• Have diet/PA patterns changed since pregnancy?
• In what way and why?
Health Has a HCP made you aware of the risks surrounding your pregnancy • Excessive weight gain
• Potential difficulties during delivery
• How does that make you feel?
PA and Diet What PA do you/would you like doing? • Walking, running, exercises tailored for pregnancy, sports, gym?
How important do you feel exercise and PA is during pregnancy? • Fitness level
• Mobility
• Give you more energy
• Help sleep
Tell me what you think would be the best way to encourage women to be watchful of diet and PA during pregnancy? • Through friends, other pregnant women, GP, nurses, information sessions, individual or group, exercise and diet programmes
Behaviour Change Have you been given advice about dietary habits and PA since you became pregnant? • HCP, family, friend, book, internet?
• When was this?
• How did you feel about the advice?
What to do think are the main challenges to PA and diet changes during pregnancy? • Lack of information/ support/ time/ resources
Would you be interested in using technology to help you track and improve you PA and diet • Mobile phone apps, text message/phone, web based information forums, pedometer?
• Would these support mechanisms be useful?
• If it provided you with information as well
• If it provided you HCP with your information
How would you feel about participating in a study where technology would be used as encouragement to increase PA? • Mobile phone apps, text message/phone, web based information forums, pedometer
• Access to internet, mobile phone
Is there anything I haven’t asked you today you would like to mention?
  1. PA Physical activity, HCP Health care professional, GDM Gestational diabetes mellitus