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Table 2 Self-Reported pre-survey frequency of participation in select cytomegalovirus (CMV) risk behaviorsa

From: Attitudes of U.S. Hispanic and non-Hispanic women toward congenital CMV prevention behaviors: a cross sectional study

  Hispanic Non-Hispanic p-valueb
N = 405 N = 413  
  Meanc (95% CI) p-value
Share the same cup with your child 2.67 [2.53, 2.81] 2.71 [2.58, 2.85] 0.65
Share eating utensils (fork or spoon) with your child 2.87 [2.73, 3.01] 3.08 [2.95, 3.22] 0.04
Share food with your child (take bites from the same food) 3.35 [3.21, 3.48] 3.50 [3.37, 3.63] 0.11
Kiss your child on their lips 3.27 [3.12, 3.42] 3.59 [3.44, 3.74] 0.004
  1. aRespondent’s were asked to rate their frequency of participation in CMV risk behaviors using the following question stem: When your youngest child was in diapers how often did you do each of the following? (If your youngest child is still in diapers, think about what you currently do)
  2. bp-values derived from a t-test for the difference in means between Hispanic and non-Hispanic respondents
  3. cFrequency of behaviors were reported on a 5-point Likert scale where 1 = Never and 5 = every day. Higher mean values indicate greater frequency of participation in CMV risk behaviors