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Table 1 Questions on perceptions on partner relationship related to existential meaning-making in first time new mothers

From: First child’s impact on parental relationship: an existential perspective

Overall question How did becoming a mother change your relationship to your partner? Assess the statements listed below, and mark with a cross what you think matches you.
Item 1 Having a baby gave rise to thoughts and conversations between my partner and me about how it has changed our life together
Item 2 Having a baby has forged stronger ties between my partner and me
Item 3 Having a baby has linked our relationship to something bigger than ourselves
Item 4 Having a baby has given rise to more conflicts between me and my partner
Item 5 Having dreams that made me reflect on myself and on us as a family
  1. Items could be answered with to a high degree, to some degree, to a small degree, not at all, and don’t know