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Table 2 EPMM Key Themes

From: Ending preventable maternal mortality: phase II of a multi-step process to develop a monitoring framework, 2016–2030

Guiding Principles 1. Empower women, girls, families and communities
2. Integrate maternal and newborn health, protect and support the mother-baby dyad
3. Prioritize country ownership, leadership, and supportive legal, regulatory and financial frameworks
4. Apply a human-rights framework to ensure that high-quality reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care is available, accessible and acceptable to all who need it
Cross-cutting Actions 5. Improve metrics, measurement systems, and data quality
6. Prioritize adequate resources and effective health care financing
Five Strategic Objectives 7. Address inequities in access to and quality of sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn healthcare
8. Ensure universal health coverage for comprehensive sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn healthcare
9. Address all causes of maternal mortality, reproductive and maternal morbidities and related disabilities
10. Strengthen health systems to respond to the needs and priorities of women and girls
11. Ensure accountability in order to improve quality of care and equity