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Table 1 The 7 steps of the Noblit and Hare meta-ethnographic method [33]

From: The experience of women with an eating disorder in the perinatal period: a meta-ethnographic study

Step 1 Getting started These steps involve defining the search criteria and parameters, conducting the search, including, quality assessment and excluding studies [33].
Step 2 Confirming the initial interest
Step 3 Reading studies
Step 4 Extracting date from included studies This step involves extracting data from the included studies and ‘determining how studies are related’ and identifying common themes, and concepts [33].
Step 5 Translating Studies This step involves ‘comparing first and/or second order themes against each other [33]
Step 6 Synthesising translations This step creates new third order themes from first and second order concepts.
Step 7 Expressing the synthesis This step the authors expressing the synthesis implications in relation to clinical practice, policy, treatment, program development and/or research [33].