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Table 3 Client Enjoyment and Usefulness of MB Intervention: Illustrative Qualitative Responses

From: Adaptation of an evidence-based postpartum depression intervention: feasibility and acceptability of mothers and babies 1-on-1

Client Acceptability Domain Quote
Enjoyment of MB Intervention “I really enjoyed the mood scale. I liked to learn how to recognize my mood”.
“I enjoyed making a list of pleasant activities to do”
“I enjoyed talking about helpful and harmful thoughts. It’s good for me to pay attention to any harmful thoughts or helpful thoughts”.
Usefulness of MB Intervention “I enjoyed the way it explains how to manage stress and how it actually describes my stressors and how to manage. Very helpful”.
“It made me think about how to make a negative day better and what getting up and doing things can do for you”.
“It was really helpful because I learned some strategies to stop harmful thoughts”.