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Table 2 Challenges Related to Implementing MB: Illustrative Home Visitor Qualitative Responses

From: Adaptation of an evidence-based postpartum depression intervention: feasibility and acceptability of mothers and babies 1-on-1

MB Implementation Challenge


Children Distracting Client

“Mother of baby was distracted by the baby’s crying. MOB had to try and quiet the baby.”

“Mom was checking on the baby who was fussy.”

Client Preoccupied with other Household Items

“Mom busy with daily chores and is constantly distracted.”

“Lots of people in the home today. Very noisy.”

Client Not Completing Personal Projects

“Client always says that she will try to do personal project but then will say she had too much going on to do it.”

“Although the client did not complete the pleasant activity personal project, she did verbalize that she engaged in 3 pleasant activities.”

Repetition of MB Material

“Some parts of the materials are repetitive but I tried not to repeat too much.”

“List of harmful thoughts was confusing—it had already been covered last week...”

Instructor Manual Needs to Better Facilitate Conversation

“The script is long. I wonder if open ended questions would engage the client better throughout the session.”