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Table 2 Low-Dose Session Content. Lists the clinical content presented in each low-dose session

From: Accelerating newborn survival in Ghana through a low-dose, high-frequency health worker training approach: a cluster randomized trial

Low-Dose Session 1:
 • Respectful maternity care
 • Infection prevention and control
 • Clinical decision-making
 • Evidence-based support of normal labor and birth, including use of the partograph and active management of the third stage of labor
 • Immediate newborn care
 • Newborn resuscitation
 • Data collection and use; reporting of data
Low-Dose Session 2:
 • Antenatal corticosteroids for anticipated preterm birth
 • Management of severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
 • Management of postpartum hemorrhage, including repair of lacerations
 • Prevention and treatment of maternal and newborn sepsis
 • Kangaroo mother care
 • Data collection and use; reporting of data