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Table 2 Categories and themes synthesized to core theme, ensuring the safety of mother and baby

From: Women’s decision-making processes and the influences on their mode of birth following a previous caesarean section in Taiwan: a qualitative study

Core theme Ensuring the safety of mother and baby
Themes Categories Sub-categories
Influences on women’s decision-making Previous birth experience Positive experience
Negatives experience
Evaluation of mode of birth Positive evaluation
Negative evaluation
Concern about the risks of vaginal birth Uterine rupture
Labour pain
Current pregnancy situation Foetal presentation
Foetal size
Informative resources Obstetrician’s recommendations
The experience of significant others
Impact of internet
Health insurance National Health Insurance
Private insurance
Decision-making processes
of women
Searching for information
Listening obstetricians’ professional judgment
Evaluating alternatives
Making a decision regarding mode of birth