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Table 1 Interview guide

From: “You just need to leave the room when you breastfeed” Breastfeeding experiences among obese women in Sweden – A qualitative study

Can you tell me about:
 1. Your expectations of breastfeeding during your pregnancy?
 2. The first breastfeeding occasion?
 3. Your experiences of breastfeeding during the maternity stay?
 4. Your experiences of breastfeeding during the first period at home?
 5. Your experiences of breastfeeding after a few months?
 6. When you look back on your breastfeeding: What has been good/positive about breastfeeding your infant? What has been difficult?
 7. Breastfeeding is associated with nudity and to some extent reveals a lot of skin. What are your experiences of this?
 8. All participants in this study are women with obesity. Tell me about your thoughts about obesity associated with breastfeeding
Follow-up questions:
 You say that …. Tell me more about …..
 You say that …. Do you mean like this ….?
 Can you give an example ….?