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Table 1 The diagnostic criteria using the 75-g 2-h OGTT in Japan

From: Risk factors associated with the development of postpartum diabetes in Japanese women with gestational diabetes

  GDM Postpartum diabetes
Diagnostic criteria JSOG criteria [2] IADPSG criteria [1] WHO criteria [3]
Glucose load 75 g 75 g 75 g
Time of the diagnosis Until June 2010 From June 2010  
Fasting PG ≥100 mg/dl ≥92 mg/dl ≥126
1-h PG ≥180 mg/dl ≥180 mg/dl N/A
2-h PG ≥150 mg/dl ≥153 mg/dl ≥200
Required to diagnose GDM Two or more abnormal values One abnormal value or more One abnormal value or more
  1. OGTT oral glucose tolerance test, GDM gestational diabetes, JSOG Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, IADPSG Internal Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Group, WHO World Health Organization, PG plasma glucose, N/A, not addressed