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Table 1 Hypothesized determinants of postnatal care referrals by TBAs

From: “Once the delivery is done, they have finished”: a qualitative study of perspectives on postnatal care referrals by traditional birth attendants in Ebonyi state, Nigeria

Factor Condition hypothesized to encourage maternal postnatal care referrals by TBAs
TBA-specific Ability to recognize obstetric complications [5, 6, 21, 22]; understanding postnatal care is necessary in the absence of obstetric complications [19, 20]; lack of perception of negative social or economic consequences of postnatal referral [5, 6]; monetary rewards for referrals [23, 27, 34]; TBA perception that skilled health worker is better able to manage obstetric complication [13].
Client-specific Client ability to recognize danger signs of obstetric complications [6]; client perception of TBA competence [5, 6]; positive perception of relative quality of care by skilled providers [21, 22].
Health worker-specific Health worker training to improve relations with TBAs [21, 22]; other social support from health workers including recognition of TBA’s role [23,24,25].