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Table 4 Men inclusion in supervised delivery activities

From: Inclusion of men in maternal and safe motherhood services in inner-city communities in Ghana: evidence from a descriptive cross-sectional survey

Variable Frequency Percentage
Accompanied wife/partner for supervised delivery during last pregnancy
 Yes 114 44.5
 No 142 55.5
Respondents’ knowledge on importance of supervised delivery
 Woman gets the best of care 32 12.7
 Avoids complications 45 17.9
 It is safer for mother and child 174 69.3
Will accompany wife/partner to health facility to deliver in current/future pregnancy
 Yes 56 21.9
 No 200 78.1
Decision-maker on place of delivery
 Husband 80 31.3
 Wife 2 0.8
 Both husband and wife 79 30.9
 Mother-in-law 95 37.1