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Table 4 Reasons for not allowing a female labor companion (among obstetricians who do not allow a female labor companion)

From: Is the policy of allowing a female labor companion feasible in developing countries? Results from a cross sectional study among Sri Lankan practitioners

Reason Number
There isn’t adequate space between beds 32 (80%)
The labor ward is too busy 22(55%)
Nursing/ midwifery staff not agreeable 17 (42.5%)
There are no curtains separating the beds in the labor room 12 (30%)
Population that I am serving is not capable of using this kind of service 12 (30%)
Hospital administration is not agreeable 10 (25%)
I do not believe this is advantageous in Sri Lanka 5 (12.5%)
  1. Multiple responses were accepted for this question. 40 participants responded to the question