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Table 4 Instruments used to measure outcomes in the quantitative and mixed methods studies

From: The impact of pregnancy loss on men’s health and wellbeing: a systematic review

  Number of studiesa
Grief 8
 The Grief Experience Inventory-Loss Version 1
 Munich Grief Scale 1
 Perinatal Grief Scale 6
 Grief Experience Inventory-Perinatal 1
Depression 10
 Center for Epidemiological Studies-Depression Scale 1
 Von Zerssen Depression Scale 1
 Beck Depression Inventory 6
Anxiety 8
 Stait-Trait Anxiety Inventory 5
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scaleb 2
 Pregnancy Outcome Questionnaire 1
 Delusions Symptoms State Inventoryb 1
Stress 5
 PTSD-I Interview 1
 Impact of Event Scale 4
Coping 2
 Coping Response Inventory 1
 The Coping Scale for Adults 1
Marital Satisfaction/Relationship 4
 Quality Marital Index 1
 Golombok Rust Inventory of Marital Satisfaction 1
 Intimate Relationship Scale 1
 Partnership Questionnaire 1
 Dyadic Adjustment Scale 1
Other 6
 Prenatal Attachment Inventory 1
 The Complaints List 1
 General Health Questionnaire 1
 Ego Strength Scale 1
 Life Experiences Survey 1
  1. a If numbers total more or less than 18 then the characteristics of a study were unknown or were relevant in two groups
  2. b This instrument is listed under ‘anxiety’ but is also counted under ‘depression’