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Table 3 Characteristics of the participants

From: Factors influencing the clinical decision-making of midwives: a qualitative study

Characteristics N = 11
 male 1
 female 10
Age (mean and range) 43.8 (28–54)
Year of graduation 1983–2012
Years of experience (mean and range) 19.6 (2–32)
Highest level of midwifery education
 Bachelor in midwifery 3 years 5
 Bachelor in midwifery 4 years 4
 Bachelor of science in midwifery 1
 Master of science in midwifery 1
Midwifery-related responsibilities outside of the practice
 Yes 7
 No 4
Characteristics of the practicea
 Number of registered women yearly 40–525
 Number of midwives 1–6
 Number of registered women per midwife 98 (40–158)
 Duration of being on call 24–56 h, 1 caseload midwife
Mean working hours per weekb 30–60
Practice population mainly typified as
-regarding level of education-:
 Low 1
 Middle 6
 High 2
 Mixed 2
-regarding ethnicity-:
 Dutch 6
 Dutch and Western immigrants 3
 Dutch, Western and non-Western immigrants 2
  1. a1 additional midwife works in an integrated care system in a hospital together with 9 colleagues in 8 h shifts; about 550 women are registered yearly
  2. balso including not-woman related tasks