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Table 2 Interview guide semi-structured interview

From: Factors influencing the clinical decision-making of midwives: a qualitative study

Interview guide
1. You have to make a clinical decision in your care for a specific woman: What do you take into account? Which aspects do you consider?
2. What sources of knowledge do you draw on in making your clinical decisions?
3. What is the role of a woman’s characteristics in your clinical decision-making?
4. Do you explore women’s preferences and how do you manage them in your clinical decision-making?
5. How does your clinical expertise influence your clinical decision-making?
6. Are there specific features of your personality that may influence your clinical decisions?
7. What is your attitude towards midwifery and how does that attitude influences your clinical decision-making?
8. Are there aspects of your clinical decision-making that we have not discussed and that are important to add?