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Table 1 Vignettes

From: Factors influencing the clinical decision-making of midwives: a qualitative study

  Phase Content
1 1 Pregnancy
  Gravida 2, para 1, aged 35, BMI 36, 28 weeks gestation, caesarean section in history. Obstetrician decides on a referral to obstetrician-led care after a routine consult at 30 weeks because of caesarean section in history. Obstetrician’s ground: obesity
2 Puerperium
  2 days postpartum: the woman asks the midwife to inject a thrombo-prophylacticum prescribed by the hospital.
2 1 Pregnancy
  Gravida 2, para 1, aged 32, BMI 32, 20 weeks gestation, under care of a neighbouring midwifery practice where homebirth is no option although this is the woman’s preference. The woman is discontented and asks for a switchover to your practice and your opinion of a homebirth.
3   Birth
  Gravida I, para 0, aged 26, 40 weeks 3 days’ gestation.
1 1) Partner is calling: his wife has contractions
2 2) First visit of the midwife
3 3) 10 h after the first contact (partogram)