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Table 8 Recommendations regarding emotions and hormones

From: From erasure to opportunity: a qualitative study of the experiences of transgender men around pregnancy and recommendations for providers

- Some men have significant shifts in their emotions when they stop taking testosterone, are pregnant, and during the postpartum period. This may be especially likely if they have been on testosterone previously.
- These changes may be felt as positive or as negative.
- Advise patients, at all stages, that they may experience such changes, and that if they do:
 o They should seek help from you or others if in distress or at risk of hurting themselves or others.
 o The quality of their emotional experience does not reflect upon their gender or the appropriateness of their pregnancy.
- Monitoring: be vigilant for post-partum depression, and discuss it with patients – it may be exacerbated or altered by the patient’s experience with hormones.