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Table 1 ‘Practical Expressions of Rigour’ [26]

From: “Engaging with birth stories in pregnancy: a hermeneutic phenomenological study of women’s experiences across two generations”

Practical expression of rigour Characteristics of expression Application in study
Balanced integration Intertwining of philosophical concepts in methods and findings Balance between the voices of participants and philosophical explanation Philosophical framework described in methods and applied in findings The researcher’s voice, that of the participants and phenomenological notions give voice to the experience
Openness Systematic, explicit process of accounting for decisions made throughout study Transparent audit trail of decision making in relation to design and evolution of the study
Concreteness Usefulness for practice of study findings Implications for practice and study limitations discussed
Resonance Experiential or felt effect of study findings upon the reader Resonance acknowledged at conference presentations
Actualisation Future realization of the resonance of the study findings Acceptance of papers at peer reviewed conferences