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Table 3 Factor loadinga from the exploratory factor analysis (varimax rotation)

From: Development of a questionnaire for assessing the childbirth experience (QACE)

Items Relationship with staff Emotional status First moments with the new born Feelings at 1 month postpartum
Staff understood and fulfilled my wishes in a satisfactory manner 0.79    
I felt emotionally supported by the staff who took care of me 0.81    
The staff kept me informed of what was happening 0.81    
I felt I could express myself and give my opinion about decisions about me 0.71    
Cronbach’s Alpha 0.81    
I felt worried   0.79   
I felt confident   0.78   
I felt secure 0.33 0.67   
Cronbach’s Alpha   0.70   
I was able to see my baby for the first time in a satisfactory manner    0.86  
I held my baby for the first time when I felt like it    0.89  
First moments with my baby corresponded what I had imagined prior to giving birth    0.78  
Cronbach’s Alpha    0.84  
I am proud of myself     0.71
I feel regret     0.62
I have a feeling of failure    0.31 0.70
Cronbach’s Alpha     0.73
  1. aOnly factor loading greater than 0.30 are reported in the table