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Table 6 Spearman’s rho correlations between Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised Indicator (BSS-RI) total score, sub-scale scores and single item satisfaction question

From: The Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised Indicator (BSS-RI)

Scale BSS-RI total BSS-RI-SE BBS-RI-QC Satisfaction
BSS-RI total   0.96 0.56 0.47
BSS-RI-SE    0.33 0.34
BSS-RI-QC     0.64
  1. Key to sub-scales: quality of care provision (BSS-RI-QC), and stress experienced during labour (BSS-RI-SE). Note: Correlations with satisfaction question based on N = 2089 due to missing data (N = 16)
  2. All correlations statistically significant at p < 0.01 (BSS-RI N = 2105)