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Table 2 Factor loadings of the Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised Indicator (BSS-RI) following principal axis factoring (PAF) exploratory factor analysis (split-half dataset, N = 2096)

From: The Birth Satisfaction Scale-Revised Indicator (BSS-RI)

BSS-RI item BSS-RI item content Factor 1 Factor 2
BSS-RI 1 I was not distressed at all during labour 0.57 0.08
BSS-RI 2 I felt very anxious during my labour and birth 0.63 −0.03
BSS-RI 3 I felt well supported by staff during my labour and birth 0.02 0.85
BSS-RI 4 I found giving birth a distressing experience 0.79 −0.05
BSS-RI 5 I felt out of control during my birth experience 0.71 0.05
BSS-RI 6 The staff communicated well with me during labour −0.02 0.83
  1. Note: Significant factor loadings in bold