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Table 3 Common type 3 delays experienced by women at hospitals and health (n = 94) centres

From: Factors associated with maternal mortality in Malawi: application of the three delays model

Reasons for Type 3 Delay No of women at hospital level Number of women at health centre level Totala
Long waiting time before treatment at a healthcare facility 75 24 89a
Shortage of equipment and supplies 45 50 62a
Wrong assessment of risk, wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment 20 36 48a
Inadequate referral system 2 34 36
Lack of competence on EmOC among the available personnel 3 24 27
Staff unavailable 4 21 22a
Shortage of trained staff 9 12 15a
Lack of treatment guidelines 0 12 12
  1. aSome women experienced the same delay at both the hospital and health centre level, therefore the total exceeds 94