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Table 1 List of applied serological assays

From: Prevalence of pregnancy-relevant infections in a rural setting of Ghana

Object of assay Test system Producer
Toxo-IgM VIDAS Toxo-IgM ELFA bioMérieux, France
Toxo-IgG VIDAS Toxo-IgG ELFA bioMérieux, France
Toxo-IgG Avidity VIDAS Toxo-IgG avidity ELFA bioMérieux, France
HBsAg (HBV) HBsAg(v2)/AXSYM Abbott, Germany
HBsAg (HBV) HBsAg EIA Test Kit Ascon, USA (for comparison; rapid test with excellent performance used in Ghana)
HBeAg (HBV) HBeAg(v2)/AXSYM Abbott, Germany
Anti-HCV-IgG HCV version 3.0 Anti-HCV Abbott, Germany
Anti-HCMV-IgM/IgG Cytomegalovirus IgM/IgG Serion ELISA classic, Germany
Rubella IgM/IgG Rubella virus (IgM/IgG) Serion ELISA classic, Germany
HIV Ag/Ab HIV Ag/Ab Combo Abbott, Germany
Anti-PB19-IgM/IgG Parvovirus B19 IgM/IgG Mikrogen recomWell, Germany
Anti-VZV-IgA/IgG Varicella-zoster virus (IgA/IgG) Serion ELISA classic, Germany
Anti-HSV-IgM/IgG Herpes simplex virus 1 + 2 IgM/IgG Serion ELISA classic, Germany
Treponema-Ig Serodia TPPA Fujirebio, Japan
T. pallidum-Ig FTA-ABS Sekisui Diagnostics, Japan
Cardiolipin-Ig VDRL Omega Diagnostics, Germany