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Table 4 Indicators of quality of care and satisfaction with maternal & neonatal health services when last received: Malawi, 2012

From: Is quality of care a key predictor of perinatal health care utilization and patient satisfaction in Malawi?

Family planning
N = 949
Respondent got the method she wanted (%) 89.7
Indexa of FP quality provision (mean/std dev) 3.5 (0.8)
Completely satisfied with last FP services received (%) 87.6
Antenatal care
N = 1291
ANC from skilled provider (%) 96.2
Pregnancy danger signs were discussed (%) 91.5
Completely satisfied with last ANC care received (%) 88.2
Delivery care
N = 1262
Skilled birth attendant (%) 97.5
Time to first consult before delivery mean (std dev; hours) 0.4 (2.1)
Indexb of delivery service quality provision (mean/std dev) 3.8 (1.2)
Completely satisfied with last delivery care received (%) 83.2
Postnatal care
N = 1005
Skilled provider at 1st postnatal checkc (%) 93.0
Postpartumc danger signs were discussed (%) 90.4
Completely satisfied with last postnatal carec received (%) 87.9
  1. FP family planning, ANC antenatal care
  2. Notes: All data are weighted; aIndex constructed using 4 items: provider explained how to use chosen FP method, explained possible side effects, mentioned if method protects against HIV, and scheduled follow-up (range 0–4); bIndex constructed using 5 items: able to move around and choose the position that made her most comfortable, got the pain relief she wanted, not left alone by providers at a time when it worried her, provider(s) did not yell or humiliate the respondent in any way, and respondent felt involved in decision about her care (range 0–5); cMaternal and/or neonatal care given interest in contact with health care system following delivery