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Table 3 Quality of care items used in our assessment of maternal and neonatal health services

From: Is quality of care a key predictor of perinatal health care utilization and patient satisfaction in Malawi?

Quality of care items assessed %
General perceptions on the quality of care offered at the closest health facility to the woman’s residence (N = 1301)
Perception that facility is clean (%) 96.5
Perception that staff ensures patients’ privacy (%) 93.3
Perception that provider(s) is(are) always available (%) 89.8
Perception that staff provides high quality services (%) 89.1
Perception that unmarried women can access FP/RH services (%) 68.5
Time to reach closest facility (%)
  < 30 min 14.5
 30–59 min 30.9
 1–2 h 36.7
  > 2 h 17.9
Family planning (N = 949)
 1. Did provider mention if the method protects against HIV infection? 67.2
 2. Did provider discuss possible side effects ofthe method chosen? 88.3
 3. Did you get the method you wanted? 89.7
 4. Did provider explain how to use the method chosen? 94.3
 5. Did the provider schedule a follow-up visit? 96.7
 6. Did anyone at the health facility discourage you from using family planning?a 98.7
 7. Did the health provider tell you that it was your decision whether you choose to use FP? 98.7
 8. Were you given all the information or explanations you needed? 98.9
 9. Were you treated with respect and dignity? 99.1
 10. Did you feel the information you shared during your visit would be kept confidential? 99.3
 11. Were you spoken to in a way that you could understand? 99.4
 12. Were you treated with kindness and understanding? 99.5
 13. Overall, did you feel it was your decision alone whether to use family planning? 99.5
Antenatal care (N = 1291)  
 1. Discussion of pregnancy danger signs 91.5
 2. The importance of going to a health facility for antenatal checks 97.1
 3. The importance of HIV testing during pregnancy 98.6
 4. How to create a birth plan to prepare for the birth of your child 98.6
 5. The importance of exclusive breastfeeding 98.8
Delivery care (N = 1262)  
 1. Were you able to move around and choose the position that made you most comfortable? 51.4
 2. Were you involved enough in decisions about your care? 73.6
 3. Did you feel you got the pain relief you wanted? 78.7
 4. Were you left alone by midwives or doctors at a time when it worried you? a 84.3
 5. Did the provider yell at or humiliate you in any way? a 84.5
 6. Were you treated with kindness and understanding? 94.7
 7. Were you spoken to in a way you could understand? 94.7
 8. Were you given the information or explanations you needed? 94.8
 9. Did the health provider check on you and your baby for any problems prior to discharge? 95.1
 10. Were you treated with respect and dignity? 95.8
 11. Did you have confidence and trust in the staff caring for you during your labor and childbirth? 96.9
 12. Was the labor or delivery room you were in clean? 98.0
Postnatal care (N = 1005)  
 1. Did the provider counsel you on danger signs to watch for in you and in your child? 90.4
 2. Did the provider give you breastfeeding support and counseling? 95.4
 3. Did the provider counsel you on methods to avoid or delay another pregnancy? 97.9
  1. Note: Bolded items were chosen for inclusion in regression analyses. aItems were reverse coded; “no” responses are reported here