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Table 2 Indicators of maternal and neonatal health service utilization: Malawi, 2012

From: Is quality of care a key predictor of perinatal health care utilization and patient satisfaction in Malawi?

Indicators N = 1301
Family planning Ever use of FP (%) 74.5
Current usea of FP (%) 52.8
Place where FP services last obtained (%)  
Government facility 84.8
Private/mission-based facility 12.9
Other 2.4
Antenatal care Antenatal care use at last pregnancy (%) 99.4
Trimester when ANC initiated during last pregnancy (%)  
 1st 16.4
 2nd 78.0
 3rd 5.6
Number of ANC visits during last pregnancy (mean/std dev) 3.7 (1.1)
Delivery care Last delivery occurred in a health facility (%) 97.3
Facility ownership at last deliveryb (%)  
 Government facility 80.1
 Private/mission-based facility 19.9
Postnatal care Postnatal care usec following last delivery (%) 77.5
Timing of 1st postnatal checkc (mean (std dev); weeks) 3.1 (1.7)
Number of postnatal checksc within 2 months postpartum (mean/std dev) 3.1 (0.7)
  1. FP family planning, ANC antenatal care
  2. Notes: All data are weighted; aAmong the 1281 non-pregnant, fertile women; bOf those who delivered in a health facility; cMaternal and/or neonatal care given interest in contact with health care system following delivery