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Table 2 Assessment of key study outcomes

From: Expect With Me: development and evaluation design for an innovative model of group prenatal care to improve perinatal outcomes

Outcome Definition Measure Data Collection Strategy
Outcome evaluation
 Effectiveness Impact of Expect With Me on patient outcomes Patient-level
- Comparison of birth outcomes between Expect With Me patients and the matched cohort who received individual care
- Health record reviews
- Patient surveys
Process evaluation
 Uptake Extent to which providers refer patients to Expect With Me and deliver group prenatal care sessions Organization-level
- Number and proportion of providers referring patients for Expect With Me during the enrollment period
- Number and proportion of providers delivering Expect With Me group prenatal care sessions
- Health record reviews
Willingness of eligible patients to participate in Expect With Me and extent to which they are representative of the target population Patient-level
- Number and proportion of eligible patients enrolled in Expect With Me
- Characteristics of Expect With Me participants
- Reasons patients participate/do not participate
- Health record reviews
- Online tracking system
- Patient surveys and focus groups
 Fidelity Extent to which Expect With Me is implemented as planned Organization-level
- Conformity to the implementation strategy
- Conformity to the implementation content
- Amount of sessions/groups completed
- Amount of content delivered per session
- Clinic staff perception about Expect With Me’s content and implementation strategy
- Satisfaction about implementation within the clinic
- Amount of sessions attended
- Amount of information technology platform use
- Online tracking system
- Session evaluations
- Provider interviews and focus groups
- Patient surveys and focus groups
- Site visits
Amount of the program received by patients
 Sustainability Impact of Expect With Me on healthcare costs Organization-level
- Comparison of financial impact of birth outcomes on healthcare costs
- Comparison of utilization of healthcare, including visit attendance, emergency department and neonatal intensive care unit utilization, postpartum long acting reversible contraception uptake, and associated costs
- Satisfaction with Expect With Me group care and provider training on group care
- Health record reviews
- Billing records
- Provider focus groups
- Provider surveys
Opinion about Expect With Me and the implementation strategy