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Table 1 Expect With Me group prenatal care session timing and topics

From: Expect With Me: development and evaluation design for an innovative model of group prenatal care to improve perinatal outcomes

Session Themes Topics
1 (13–17 weeks) You’re a healthy mom • Eat and live healthy for you and your baby
• Stay active while you’re expecting
• Maintain healthy weight during pregnancy
• Understand routine prenatal testing and emergencies
• Know what blood pressure and weight numbers are healthy for you
2 (17–21 weeks) Staying healthy and strong through change • How babies grow and develop
• Mom’s clean teeth = healthier mother and baby
• Learn why you’re feeling the way you do
• Move safely and comfortably while pregnant
• Get a good night’s sleep
• Keep calm and stress-free while expecting
• Stay safe at home, work and play
3 (21–24 weeks) Breastfeeding = Healthy Babies and Healthy Moms • Benefits of breastfeeding
• Barriers to breastfeeding
• Basics of breastfeeding
• Choose a pediatric provider (Part 1)
• Your support systems (Part 1)
4 (25–29 weeks) Healthy moms building healthy relationships • Understand Gestational Diabetes Testing
• Build healthy relationships
• Prevent STDs including HIV (Part 1)
• Choose when to get pregnant (Part 1)
5 (27–31 weeks) Healthy moms and healthy labor • Signs of labor
• Stages of labor (Part 1)
• Fetal heart rate monitoring
• Stay comfortable during labor
• Understand Cesarean birth
6 (29–33 weeks) Healthy labor • Stages of Labor (Part 2)
• What happens immediately after delivery
• Labor and delivery decisions
• Provider policies and options for labor and delivery
• Prevent STDs including HIV (Part 2)
7 (31–35 weeks) Healthy labor and healthy relationships • Prepare for hospital stay and return home
• Negotiate to build healthy relationships
• Understand Group B Strep testing and prevention
8 (33–37 weeks) Taking care of mom and baby • Caring for your baby
• Choose a pediatric provider (Part 2)
• Care for your postpartum body
• Set goals to build healthy relationships (Part 1)
9 (35–39 weeks) Preparing for a Healthy Future • How to breastfeed
• Staying healthy and strong after pregnancy
• Signs of postpartum depression
• Make sure your home is safe you and your baby
10 (37+ weeks) Build a healthy future • Choosing a daycare provider
• Going back to work
• Your support systems (Part 2)
• Choose when to get pregnant again (Part 2)
• Set goals for a healthy relationship (Part 2)