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Table 5 Quotes from interview participants

From: Development and evaluation of training resources to prepare health professionals for counselling pregnant women about non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome: a mixed methods study

Quote number Participant Quote
1 HCP-CP33 “I enjoyed the face to face when you come up yourself, because I felt that that was better, you can ask the questions and actually talk about it.”
2 HCP-LG5 “So I think it’s quite clear to understand. You don’t need to be very scientific to understand it, so quite user friendly. It’s not too much information in one go. It keeps to the points that you need to know as a Midwife explaining it and it’s easy to sort of reconstruct it into everyday language that you would then speak to the woman about.”
3 HCP-KC2 [the written information sheet is] very self-explanatory, really nicely laid out, and if you’re going to read a, sort of, a proper information sheet on some research then, I don’t think it should be in point format, not like for the patients, it should be as detailed as it is…”
4 HCP-JB9 the health professional information sheet that goes along with NIPT is very heavy.”
5 HCP-HH35 “it's sort of a drip, drip, drip, so it becomes really established behaviour, and it becomes, you know, like booking bloods, as part of booking, you offer booking bloods, and it becomes part of their really embedded routine when it comes to booking. I think you do that by just education, education, you know, mandatory training, at drop-in sessions … that kind of thing.”
6 HCP-RM10 “[Including NIPT in pre-registration midwifery training would mean] the next generation of midwives coming through already trained and ready to go and they just need to be sort of updated.”
7 HCP-MO12 “I think there could be a basic online package but I am not sure that people really take an awful lot in from online training because you just click buttons and you don’t always take everything in.”
8 HCP-DT11 “In person was much better for them because they could ask questions as we went along. I think it just stimulated them more to see a person standing there, coming out to them, rather than just online… I think it's just a bit drier. So I think, ideally, it would always be in person, but probably with online as a good second alternative for those who can't attend the actual training session.”