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Table 4 Determinants related to treatment of the woman, mentioned by care providers (n = 25)

From: Barriers and facilitators related to the uptake of four strategies to prevent neonatal early-onset group B haemolytic streptococcus disease: a qualitative study

Key activities Determinants Screening strategy 1.2 Risk-based strategy1,2 Combination strategy1,2 Dutch guideline 1,2
Antibiotic prophylaxis in the woman Procedural clarity (guideline) 0 0 1 1
Logistics birth at home GBS positive mother without risk factor    N  
No standard treatment in case of PROM/ –preterm birth and unknown results swab     N
Complexity (guideline) 0 1 0 0
Easy to follow   P   
Compatibility (guideline) 0 1 0 1
Is already in practice   P   P
Outcome expectations (user) 4 3 6 0
Over treatment (IAP, hospital birth, observation baby) N N N  
No over treatment N   P  
Under treatment N N   
Increase AB resistance problem    N  
No increase AB resistance problem    P  
More tailored care in case of GBS carrier ship and PROM N   P  
Increase hospital birth/decrease home birth   N N  
Personal benefits / drawbacks (user) 0 1 1 0
No extra work for primary care midwives   P N  
Client/patient satisfaction (user) 0 0 2 0
GBS positive without risk factor: AB prophylaxis desired by woman    N  
Suits women critical of AB prophylaxis    P  
Staff capacity (organisational context) 1 1 1 1
Enough capacity in hospital N N P P
Material resources and facilities (organisational context) 1 2 1 2
No problem in daily practice   P   P
Penicillin not always available in hospital because of pharmacy policy N N N N
Financial resources (organisational context) 1 0 1 0
No reimbursement N   N  
  Total numbers of determinants, related to 7 9 13 5
the guideline itself 0 2 1 2
the user (care provider) 4 4 9 0
the organisational context 3 3 3 3
the socio-political context 0 0 0 0
  1. 1P’ = positive determinant; ‘N’ = negative determinant; ‘N/P’ = both negative and positive determinant. 2 The numbers in each row reflect how many issues related to the determinant were mentioned by the care providers