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Table 2 Data collection and outcome measurement

From: Centering and Racial Disparities (CRADLE study): rationale and design of a randomized controlled trial of centeringpregnancy and birth outcomes

  Gestational age <23 week (Survey 1) Gestational age 30+ week (Survey 2) 12-week Postpartum medical chart review
Birth outcomes and pregnancy complications
 Gestational age at delivery    X
 Birth weight    X
 APGAR scores    X
 Admission to neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)    X
 Intrauterine fetal demise    X
 Neonatal death    X
 Pre-eclampsia    X
 Gestational hypertension    X
 Gestational diabetes    X
 Intrauterine growth restriction    X
 Macrosomia (weight >4000 g.)    X
 Hospital admission during pregnancy, reason    X
 Induction and reason    X
Maternal behavioral and other measures
 Maternal smoking, alcohol and marijuana use X X X
 Physical activity, dietary intake, and multivitamin use   X  
Maternal psychosocial measures
 Patient activation measure (PAM) X X  
 Prenatal planning and preparation coping   X  
 Prenatal anxiety, and depressive symptoms X X  
 Shift and Persist X   
 Discrimination in prenatal care   X  
 Stress management   X  
 Perceived family support X   
 Support from baby’s father & relationship with baby’s father   X  
 Life stressor, financial stressor and housing instability in pregnancy   X  
 Perceived stress and neighborhood safety X   
 Everyday discrimination scale X   
 Role of religious on dealing with stress X   
 Adverse childhood experience X   
Interconception care
 Attendance at postpartum visit    X
 Postpartum contraception use    X
 Race and ethnicity X   
 Age, income, education, marital status, insurance, employment, household characteristics X   
Reproductive history
 Pre-pregnancy weight    X
 Previous preterm birth    X
 Number of prior pregnancies, live births, and complications    X