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Table 2 Studies associated with the primary or secondary outcomes

From: Healthcare workers’ behaviors and personal determinants associated with providing adequate sexual and reproductive healthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review


Service outcomes


Quality of SRH healthcare services

Access (and availability of) to SRH services

Utilization (and provision) of SRH services

Maternal and child health outcomes

Okokon et al. (2014)/Nigeria



Evens et al. (2014)/ Kenya


Yisma et al. (2013)/Ethiopia



Worku et al. (2013)/Ethiopia


Opiah et al. (2012)/ Nigeria



Sidze et al. (2014)/Senegal



Mane et al. (2014)/Senegal



Ameh et al. (2012)/ Somalia

Ndikom & Onibokun (2007)/ Nigeria


Ehiri et al. (2005)/Nigeria


Tita et al. (2006)/ Cameroon



Karamagi et al. (2004)/ Uganda

Hussein, et al. (2004)/ Ghana


Lawani et al. (2014)/ Nigeria


Chi et al. (2004)/ Zambia


Wakgari et al. (2015)/ Ethiopia


Fawole et al. (2008)/ Nigeria


Nyango et al. (2010)/Nigeria


Vivio et al. (2010)/ Zambia


Chaibva et al. (2010)/ Zimbabwe


Ersdal et al. (2008)/ Zimbabwe