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Table 2 Studies associated with the primary or secondary outcomes

From: Healthcare workers’ behaviors and personal determinants associated with providing adequate sexual and reproductive healthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review

Study/Country Service outcomes
  Quality of SRH healthcare services Access (and availability of) to SRH services Utilization (and provision) of SRH services Maternal and child health outcomes
Okokon et al. (2014)/Nigeria    
Evens et al. (2014)/ Kenya    
Yisma et al. (2013)/Ethiopia    
Worku et al. (2013)/Ethiopia  
Opiah et al. (2012)/ Nigeria    
Sidze et al. (2014)/Senegal    
Mane et al. (2014)/Senegal    
Ameh et al. (2012)/ Somalia
Ndikom & Onibokun (2007)/ Nigeria  
Ehiri et al. (2005)/Nigeria  
Tita et al. (2006)/ Cameroon     
Karamagi et al. (2004)/ Uganda
Hussein, et al. (2004)/ Ghana   
Lawani et al. (2014)/ Nigeria  
Chi et al. (2004)/ Zambia  
Wakgari et al. (2015)/ Ethiopia  
Fawole et al. (2008)/ Nigeria  
Nyango et al. (2010)/Nigeria   
Vivio et al. (2010)/ Zambia    
Chaibva et al. (2010)/ Zimbabwe   
Ersdal et al. (2008)/ Zimbabwe