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Table 1 Birth details and IES score

From: “Nothing’s actually happened to me.”: the experiences of fathers who found childbirth traumatic

Participant Single/multiple birth Mode of delivery Pain relief Complications Total IES score
F1 Multiple Emergency c- section Spinal anaesthetic Haemorrhage 44
F2 Single Vaginal; forceps delivery Gas & air; local anaesthetic Episiotomy; anaesthetic administered incorrectly. 28
F3 Single Emergency c-section Epidural Lost pessary; venflow administered incorrectly; ruptured retained placenta 35
F4 Single Vaginal; forceps delivery Gas & air; epidural Haemorrhage 22
F5 Single Emergency c-section Epidural Haemorrhage; hysterectomy 29
F6 Single Emergency c-section Epidural Epidural not fully effective; lost swab 0
F7 Single Ventouse Gas & air Ventouse; umbilical cord around baby’s neck 7
F8 Single Emergency c-section Anaesthetic Premature 7
F9 Single Vaginal delivery Not known Haemorrhage 27
F10 Single Emergency c-section Epidural Abrupted placenta & internal bleeding 41
F11 Single Emergency c-section Pethidine Haemorrhage 27