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Table 5 Participant experience of the IMPROVE programme (Australian workshops conducted from May 2012 to October 2014; International workshops conducted from November 2013 to May 2015)

From: Evaluation of an international educational programme for health care professionals on best practice in the management of a perinatal death: IMproving Perinatal mortality Review and Outcomes Via Education (IMPROVE)

Item/Theme Australia International
Most useful aspects of IMPROVE
 SCORPIO “I found it very helpful to have a mix of disciplines (multidisciplinary) in each group, visual + interactive learning, short stations, relevant information” [Midwife, New South Wales] “The small group format worked well for me; practically oriented” [Doctor, Fiji]
 Learning/understanding “Learning about what happens during an autopsy. Now confident I could explain this to patients” [Doctor, South Australia]
“[The] importance of accurate examination of the baby; relevant investigations” [Midwife, South Australia]
“The placental swabbing because I have been hearing midwives mentioning it but have no idea how it is done” [Other, Fiji]
 Translation into clinical practice “Being able to learn about aspects of perinatal loss that will assist with my care of women, more understanding of the autopsy process- from consent to autopsy. Better understanding of investigations.” [Midwife, New South Wales] “All the stations were very useful and improved my understanding of perinatal mortality reviews and will really help my current practice” [Doctor, Fiji]
 Increased confidence “Now feel more confident in knowledge, reacting to autopsy/clinical photography” [Midwife, Queensland] “I feel confident in providing appropriate information to parents” [Participant, Fiji]
Least useful aspects of IMPROVE
 Audit and classification of perinatal death “Institutional perinatal mortality audit and classification, difficult to understand, not well presented, too much information for 30 min.” [Midwife, South Australia] “I least enjoyed session five, but that is just because it is not relevant to my profession” [Social worker, Amsterdam]
 Time “Too short - would have loved to have longer time at each station!!” [Midwife, New South Wales] “More time for interaction; 30 min is too short” [Doctor, Amsterdam]
Suggestions/overall comments
 More IMPROVE “This workshop should be made mandatory to all staff exposed to such clinical situations.” [Midwife, New South Wales] “If we could have more of these workshops so we all speak the same language of knowledge and practice” [Midwife, Fiji]
“Let's try and get a collaboration on a Dutch version!” [Doctor, Amsterdam]
 Satisfaction “Very useful day. Very worthwhile. I will be able to make some changes in our practice and educate our staff. Helped me understand much better why we do things and sometimes, how.” [Midwife, South Australia] “Inspiring session” [Doctor, Amsterdam]
“Thank you so much for this golden opportunity. I really appreciate this.” [Nurse, Fiji]
 Educators “Facilitators fantastic-very knowledgeable” [Midwife, New South Wales] “Wonderful presenters” [Doctor, Fiji]]