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Table 2 Agreed priorities taken to joint workshop from health care professionals and Women

From: Improving the care pathway for women who request Caesarean section: an experience-based co-design study

Priorities taken to joint workshop from health care professionals Priorities taken to joint workshop from women
1. Quality of information for women 1. Agreement of Caesarean section decision:
 o Inconsistency of information  o A clear agreement to be made between health care professionals and women about the decision for a Caesarean section
 o Lack of research based information  o Decision for Caesarean section to be made earlier in pregnancy
 o Bias of health care professionals in what information is shared  o Flexibility around the decision, an opportunity to change mind at any point
2. Timing and discussion and information giving 2. Repetition of Caesarean section request and referrals:
 o Inconsistency of timing of information  o Repeated discussion of Caesarean section request with health care professionals
 o When discussion is begun in late pregnancy, the rush to make suitable preparation for delivery  o Multiple referrals and subsequent repetition of request
 o Need for early discussion and so time to plan for appropriate referrals where necessary and for delivery  
3. Referrals and role of consultant midwife
 o Inconsistent and complex process for
3. Information about Caesarean section:
 o Lack of information about what the
 o women requesting caesarean section without medical indication  o Caesarean section surgery experience is like
 o Central role of consultant midwife in the pathway for women requesting CS  o Lack of risk information comparing vaginal birth, emergency and elective Caesarean section
 o Consultant midwife conflicting role: persuading women to change their minds and try for a vaginal delivery vs the need to support women in their choice  
4. Recording decision – repetition of request from women  
 o Women requesting Caesarean section often need to repeat their reason for the request to each HCP who cares for them  
 o There appears to be a lack of detailed recording of discussion between women and health care professionals when requesting Caesarean section