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Table 5 Sensitivity analysis

From: Benefits and harms of screening for and treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy: a systematic review

Outcome measure Treatment group Control group Difference between groups
Study N Events (%) N Events (%) OR [95 % CI]; p-value
 Williams [22] Sensitivity analysis I 106a 5 (5) 105a 18 (17) 0.24b [0.19–1.05]b; 0.004c
 Williams [22] Sensitivity analysis II 106a 9 (8)d 105a 18 (17) 0.45b [0.19–1.05]b; 0.066c
  1. CI confidence interval, CSZ convexity, symmetry, z score, OR odds ratio
  2. aIQWiG’s own calculation: all participants included (211 instead of the 163 actually analysed); both the treatment and control group were of equal size
  3. bIQWiG’s own calculation
  4. cIQWiG’s own calculation, unconditioned exact test (CSZ method as described in [25])
  5. dThe level of significance would not be missed until at least four additional events occurred in the treatment group while no additional events occurred in the control group (assumption)