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Table 1 PICOS and Key words

From: Bipolar disorder in pregnancy and childbirth: a systematic review of outcomes

PICOS Key words
Population: Women with established diagnosis of bipolar disorder prior to pregnancy Bipolar disorder OR affective disorders, psychotic OR affective psychosis OR mania
Intervention/Exposure: Pregnancy, labour and birth, and the first year post-partum Pregnancy OR postpartum period OR delivery, obstetric OR parturition OR abortion, spontaneous OR abortion, induced OR childbirth
Comparison: Women with bipolar disorder, not experiencing pregnancy or childbirth Women with bipolar disorder, not experiencing childbirth
Outcome: All maternal or infant health outcomes. Papers that compared effects of using different pharmaceutical treatments were excluded. The terms ‘woman, fetus, neonate and infant’
Study design: Qualitative studies, Meta-syntheses, Surveys, Cross-sectional studies, Case reports, Experimental studies (RCTs), Quasi-experimental studies, Observational studies, Systematic reviews, Meta-analyses Qualitative, Meta-syntheses, Surveys, Cross-sectional, Case reports, Experimental, Randomised controlled trials, Quasi-experimental, Observational, Systematic reviews, Meta-analyses