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Table 3 List of laboratory tests, sample size and proposed biomarkers in the study

From: Maternal antecedents of adiposity and studying the transgenerational role of hyperglycemia and insulin (MAASTHI): a prospective cohort study

Time/Sample Test N Biomarker
Pregnant women between 24–32 weeks Blood pressure (automated) 5000  
OGTT (Fasting plasma glucose, 2 Hour Postprandial plasma glucose) 5000 Glucose
Haemoglobin 5000 Haemoglobin
HbA1c (glycosylated haemoglobin, Type A1C) 500 Glycosylated haemoglobin
One aliquot of fasting sample will be frozen at −80 °C for measurement of serum insulin 1000 Insulin resistance and insulin secretion through homeostasis model assessment (HOMA)
Blood sample to be preserved at−800 C 5000 Micronutrients, DNA and protein markers
Repeat OGTT after 32 weeks (Fasting plasma glucose, 2 Hour Postprandial plasma glucose) 500 To explore those who develop gestational diabetes after 32 weeks
Cord blood C-peptide 100 Insulin
Fathers Fasting blood glucose in fathers 500 Glucose
Mothers (During follow up visits) Random blood glucose 5000 Glucose
At the end of the study (IV year) Fasting blood glucose and insulin levels in mother and child 5000 Glucose