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Table 2 Evaluation protocol scheme

From: Effects of supervised aerobic and strength training in overweight and grade I obese pregnant women on maternal and foetal health markers: the GESTAFIT randomized controlled trial

  Criteria (12th week) Baseline (16th week) Second trimester (24th week) Third trimester (34th week) Delivery 1 month post-partum
Informed consent X      
1st day evaluation
 Sociodemographic data   X     
 Clinical history   X   X X X
 Weight and height X X   X   X
 Body composition (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry)       X
 Accelerometry   X X X   
 Physical fitness   X   X   
 Nutritional study   X   X   X
Questionnaires to be fill there or at home between the 1st and 2nd evaluation days
 Low back-pain   X   X   X
 Quality of life   X   X   X
 Sleep quality   X X X   X
 Physical activity   X X X   X
 Self-perceived physical fitness   X X X   X
 Sexual function   X   X   X
 Restless legs syndrome   X   X   X
 Mental and positive health   X   X   X
2nd day evaluation: Accelerometers collection and review of questionnaires   X   X   
 Maternal biochemical analysis   X   X X  
 Umbilical cord blood sampling      X  
 Maternal urine sampling   X   X X