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Table 2 Eligibility criteria

From: Perinatal health care services for imprisoned pregnant women and associated outcomes: a systematic review

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Population Inmates Concentration camps/non-penal institutions
Women Men
Any age Asylum seekers in detention
General prison population Previous inmates
Imprisoned at some point during pregnancy, up to and including delivery Never pregnant during imprisonment
  Psychiatric units
Intervention Model of perinatal health care describedb No description of perinatal health care
Control group No comparison group needed  
Outcomes Pre-specified perinatal outcomes quantifieda No pre-specified perinatal outcomes quantified
Early childhood outcomes quantified (up to age 5) No early childhood outcomes quantified (up to age 5)
Any other measures of maternal morbidity quantified No measures of maternal morbidity quantified
Outcomes relating to health care utilisation quantified No such outcomes measured
Studies All languages  
Data collected after 1980 Data collected before 1980
Any study design  
  1. aPre-specified perinatal outcomes were: miscarriage, fetal anomaly, preterm delivery, small for gestational age, low birthweight, mean birthweight, stillbirth, perinatal death, neonatal death, infant death, admission to neonatal intensive care, breastfeeding, caesarean section rates, and instrumental delivery rates
  2. bThis included any description of perinatal health care, however minimal