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Table 3 Themes and subthemes identified

From: Concerns, attitudes, beliefs and information seeking practices with respect to nutrition-related issues: a qualitative study in French pregnant women

Themes Sub-themes
Eating behaviour of pregnant women External attribution:
1. Foods changing from being usual to dangerous
  - The “impressive and frustrating list of forbidden foods”
  - After frustration come anxiety, fear and then guilt
  - Norms versus personal practices
2. Physiological changes impacting food intakes
  - Pregnancy pains that restrict women’s food choices
  - Pregnancy-related physiological changes that modify food choices
3. Weight gain
  - Losing control over body weight
  - External surveillance of weight gain
  - Reassuring themselves
Internal attribution:
4. The empowerment endeavour: building a healthier diet for mothers and their babies
  - Strategies to achieve a healthier diet
  - Maintaining some food indulgences
  - Setting personal goals to internalise weight gain
  - Contributing to their own and their baby’s health and well-being : the beginning of motherhood
Nutrition-related information behaviour 1. Passive absorption of information
  - From healthcare providers
  - From their social environment
  - From the mass media
  - Difficult cross-checking of information from all sources
2. Active information seeking behaviour
  - Benefiting from the experiences of people in their social environment
  - Ambiguous use of the Internet
  - The ultimate step: asking their healthcare provider for guidance
3. Translating information into eating behaviour