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Table 1 Ten-item questionnaire administered

From: The impact of unrecognized autoimmune rheumatic diseases on the incidence of preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction: a longitudinal cohort study

1. Have you ever had generalised or localized reddening of your skin after exposure to sunlight?
2. Have you ever had an obvious or prominent rash on your cheeks or nose?
3. Do your hands or your feet white in the cold and then blue or pink?
4. a. Have you ever had painful and swollen joints? b. Do you suffer from stiffness lasting one hour or more in the morning?
5. Have you ever had pericarditis or pleuritis?
6. Do you have a dry mouth?
7. Do you feel like you have sand in your eyes?
8. Have you ever had painful white mouth ulcers?
9. Have you ever had thrombophlebitis?
10. Have you had two or more miscarriages or stillbirths?