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Table 4 Gestational Diabetes Management Systems Web Lessons

From: The Gestational Diabetes Management System (GooDMomS): development, feasibility and lessons learned from a patient-informed, web-based pregnancy and postpartum lifestyle intervention

Pregnancy Web Lessons and videos Postpartum Web Lessons
1. Gestational Diabetes – The Basics 1. Getting Started
2. Video Lesson #1: How did I get Gestational Diabetes  
3. Treating Your Gestational Diabetes (Part A) 2. Energy Balance
4. The Benefits of Exercise for Women with Gestational Diabetes 3. Daily Weighing
5. Video Lesson #2: Benefits of Exercise for you and your baby 4. Becoming More Active
6. Treating Your Gestational Diabetes (Part B) 5. Incorporating Physical Activity into Your Everyday Life
7. Benefits of Breastfeeding for You and Your Baby 6. Be a Fat Detective
8. Preparing for postpartum Glucose Testing 7. Eating Out on a Calorie Budget
9. Video Lesson #3: Getting ready for your postpartum visit and glucose testing 8. Feeding Your Family
  9. Social Support
  10. Take Charge of What’s Around You
  11. Cues for Activity
  12. Simple Ways to Control Calories
  13. Recipe Modification
  14. Emotional Overeating
  15. Barriers to Diet and Exercise – Fatigue
  16. Time Management
  17. Problem Solving
  18. Meal Planning
  19. Stress Management
  20. Eating Patterns
  21. Thoughts and Weight Control
  22. Maintaining Motivation
  23. Staying in Control of Your Weight
  24. Becoming a Weight Control Expert